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Jamie loves to write stories, but most of all for his best friend Megan who is ill in hospital. Through tales of Medieval knights, Wild West cowboys, Superhero tales and even a silent movie, Jamie discovers the true meaning of being a hero and how brave Megan really is.

This play is available for performance from Scripts for Stage. Please click on the link to find out more and order a perusal copy.

The Miraculous Library


One summer holiday a group of friends come across an old book shop that they've never seen before. Inside they discover it isn't a shop at all, but a magic library and the only way to escape is to solve a puzzle which is scattered throughout the different literature. 

In each genre they discover something new about themselves and have to face their fears to save, not only themselves, but the man who runs the library from the vicious pirate Queen Orabelle. 


The Collector

Sleeping Beauty (A Pantomime)

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Ravenel is a collector, but not just any collector, she collects magical creatures. In a world where magic is thought of as myth a secret underground society of magical creatures attempt to hide from Ravenel's flying ship and her crew of merciless hunters. 

Rowan and Hayden are about to attend their village 'apprentice day' in which the young men are allocated their future jobs, but Rowan has always dreamed of more. When the best friends spot a dragon above the village, they are plunged into an adventure aboard Ravenel's ship and their friendship and perceptions are tested to the limits.


This classic fairytale makes for a hilarious pantomime. Join Chester the Jester, Dame Dolly and the Prince as they try to rescue Sleeping Beauty from the evil Carabosse. 

The wicked Caraboose has stolen the magic mirror from another Wicked Queen and is using it to try to take over the kingdom. She thinks she has kidnapped the Prince, but instead she has the Prince's servant and intends to marry him to give her the right to rule whilst Sleeping Beauty is fast asleep. It's a good thing the Fairy and the Cat are here to help save the day, even if everything gets a little tangled on the way. 



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When their planet is destroyed four siblings crash land on a barren world. Desperate to help their people survive they make a wish on a star and the star decides to answer their request. The star gives each of them the power of an element and using these four elements they create a perfect world. 1000 years later and all is not as happy as it should be. The people honour the elements but mostly Terra, the Earth mother. Terra's sister, Safara, the Fire Wielder is jealous of all the attention given to Terra and the four siblings are not as happy as they appear to be in public. When two creatures determined to destroy the world see the divide beginning they take their opportunity and break the bond between the siblings. As the four elements divide, the planet begins to suffer and it is up to a small group of children to try to reunite the elements before it is too late and repair the relationship between Terra and Safara.


Siren's Call


Matthias longs to go off adventuring, but his sister Ruth was born blind and his single mother needs him to stay and look after her. Angry at being forced to give up his dream he makes a wish that Ruth was no longer around. 

Ruth loves to sing and the wicked creatures, known as the Siren's have heard her beautiful voice and know she would be an asset to them. Spurred on by Matthias's wish they charm Ruth into their world. 

Realising too late that his wish should never have been made, Matthias has to find a way to get to the Siren's world to get his sister back. Lucky for him the sorceress, Galwin, is also after a way to lift a curse of her own and with her help, and that of a crazy fortune teller, he finds a way to get to Ruth, but is it too late? Especially when the Siren's can grant her the one thing she always wanted, sight.


The Island

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Once Upon a Time

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Teenager Jess is facing the worst summer holiday ever... forced to visit her dad on a tropical island and stuck with her little brother Tom instead of with her friends.

Everything changes however when their light aircraft crashes on a strange island which doesn't appear on any map. 

The people of the island live in their own time, far from technology, but they are constantly at war. The blue tribe believe in the ancient Gods, but the red tribe only worship their leader who has appointed himself as a God. This has made the real Gods angry and the island is in danger of being destroyed by not only their rage, but also the hatred of the tribes. With Tom and Jess separated, and Tom a prisoner of the red tribe, Jess must try to get the tribes to find the truth in their history and realise that they are not so different from each other.


Think of a fairytale character and they will most likely make an appearance in this large cast play. 

Prince Edward is having a ball to decide which princess to marry, the problem is it's all his mother's idea and he isn't interested. 

Snow White, Rose Red, Cinderella, Odette, Briar Rose and Rapunzel all have their eyes on the prince, but so does the Wicked Queen. 

When the Wicked Queen kidnaps Prince Edward she demands several magical ingredients for his return and the princesses, including Jane, a princess cursed with ugliness, set out to collect the ingredients and save him. 

On their journey they encounter many villains and friends, including Wanda a good witch in training and they soon discover they can be far more than just a pretty face and that beauty isn't everything.


Peter Pan

The Snow Queen

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The Classic book by J.M.Barrie telling the story of Peter Pan, the Darling children and the infamous Captain Hook. 

This play version is full of laughs and heartfelt moments, with original scenes as well as sections true to the book. 


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Based on the fairytale by Has Christian

Anderssen, the Snow Queen follows the dangerous journey of Gerda as she tries to save her best friend Kay from the cold of the Snow Queen and bring he safely back to their village. A heartwarming tale of friendship and courage.


Sheer Luck Holmes

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Cecil Holmes is the nephew of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and he has always wanted to be a detective, so when he is mistaken for his uncle he jumps at the chance to take on a missing person case and impress a damsel in distress. Unfortunately he has no idea that Sherlock Holmes has been trying to hunt down the infamous Rattigan and his gang of villains and thieves and Rattigan is behind the kidnapping. With some help from Emma Watson (Dr Watson's niece, not the actress, though it is a common mistake), Cecil tries to prove himself a detective and solve on of the most dangerous cases in history. 



Alice Through the Wonderglass

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An adaptation of the classic books by Lewis Carroll, 'Alice through the Wonderglass' combines characters and stories from both Alice in Wonderland and Alice through the Looking Glass with a contemporary heroine trying to find her way through the classic stories.


The Forgotten


Becca loves technology and immerses herself in a world online, pushing all real world contacts away, including her brother and sister. 

Two acquirers, Going and Gone, from the Forgotten Realm, a place where all things and people who have been forgotten are sent, come across Becca. Desperate to please their boss, The Keeper, an evil creature which drains the energy from these forgotten souls, Going and Gone seize the opportunity to send Becca as a forgotten soul. 

Of course Becca isn't really forgotten and if Going and Gone want to make sure she stays in the Forgotten Realm and their deception isn't found out, they will need a potion to make Becca's family forget her completely. Luckily they know a crazy sage with a taste for jam...

Whilst stuck in the Forgotten Realm, Becca must race to return to the real world with the help of a fun and resourceful friend called Charlie, but there are others who have a score to settle with Becca, including a very angry Barbie doll who intends not only to enact her revenge on Becca but also take over the entire Forgotten Realm. 

As Becca learns how to connect once again with people she begins to understand what it really means to be forgotten and how much she needs to change, not just for those around her, but also for herself. 

Available for hire from

In a small American Town, scandal is in the air. The travelling Carnival has come to the outskirts of the town and the upstanding residents are up in arms. Fearing for the morality of the town they will do anything to get rid of these travelling freaks. Then, when the worst happens and ten year old Marsha is murdered, Jasper, the leader of the Carnival, becomes the lead suspect and put on trial. Can the travelling group prove the innocence of their leader, or is the power of hatred and discrimination too strong?

This powerful play considers how appearances are not always as they seem and that sometimes the most terrifying monsters lurk in plain sight. 

To be available for performance by the end of 2023.

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