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Charlotte is a fairly normal teenager despite the family tragedy that still haunts her. Since her mother's accident Charlotte has had to learn to live in care and oblige her social workers by attending regular therapy appointments. Of course, she doesn't tell them everything. Lots of teenagers get bullied about the way they look and she's had enough pity from grown-ups. 

Everything begins to change however when a strange Fae visitor appears and reminds Charlotte of the natural world her mother loved and introduced to her, even though Charlotte had always thought she imagined the Fae. Her mother's favourite place, the wood, is being destroyed and Charlotte has been called to help save the Fae home. But, not everything goes to plan, and when Charlotte suffers a terrible accident and wakes up fifty years into the future, it's the technological world and legacy of her father that she will be called to. In this world she can not just be changed to look how she wants, but even given implants to make her one of the 'Flawless'. Amazed by the city and drawn in by the promise of being everything she always imagined, Charlotte finds herself torn between the present and the past. She must uncover the dark secrets and decide if being 'Flawless' is really as perfect as it seems. 

This audio book was a project of love and exploration. As the final creative work of my degree I needed to combine my creative writing skills and music composition to create an immersive project. The music has been composed in much the same way as a film score, designed to enhance the story. 

The first chapters can be found online in the form of a Podcast, by following these links. 

Podbean - Chapter 1

Podbean - Chapter 2

Acast - Flawless

YouTube - Chapter 1

YouTube - Chapter 2

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