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'The Forgotten' is now available for schools and amateur groups to license. Play number 2. I'm so pleased to have another piece published. Visit my Plays page for more details.

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The trilogy is complete!

A Prophet's Quest - Book 3

Eclipsing the Light

Released on Amazon and Kindle in August 2020 and entered into the StorytellerUK2020 Competition.

The search for the keys and the final gate continues, but now divided can the quest succeed or is the power of the darkness too strong to be defeated? As Karron, Quentil and Varlaz are plunged into a war against the minions of darkness, the others race to collect the final pieces, with only Lielle and Ferius aware of what is truly at stake. As some race north, the others must set out across the sea in a last attempt to stop the servant of evil and the army of dark creatures. If the final gate is opened the world will be destroyed, but time is almost spent and sacrifices might have to be made to lock the gates once more. Kai is not the boy who set out from the farm all those months ago and as the darkness surrounds not only his dreams, but also his waking world, can he ever go back, or is all hope for light now eclipsed by shadow?  

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The play Heroes is now available for performance by youth groups, amateur societies and schools and has been officially published through 'Scripts for Stage.' Although it might be a while until plays can be performed again, due to the current pandemic, this is still very exciting and hopefully the first published play of many. It can be found in their Drama section, but it is also suitable for children and has a lot of comical elements too.

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Fantastic photographs by MK Photography as well as the brilliant cover art for books one and two of 'A Prophet's Quest' trilogy.

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